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The Akshaya Patra Foundation is a non-profit organisation feeding millions of underserved children in India. We are committed to eradicating two crucial issues - hunger and malnutrition in India - by implementing the PM Poshan Abhiyaan (formerly known as the Mid-Day Meal Programme). Carrying out the world’s largest NGO-run feeding programme, Akshaya Patra aims to not only fight hunger with nutritious meals but also bring children to school.

In the western Indian state of Rajasthan, we have ten kitchens which currently feed 2,31,187 children in 4,428 schools.

Our Kitchens in Rajasthan


Hygiene and cleanliness are our topmost priority and we operate through two models: Centralised kitchen and Decentralised centre. In Rajasthan, where we established ourselves in February 2004, we have both these kitchen models.

Jaipur: We launched our operations in Jaipur in February 2004. Our centralised kitchen here currently feeds 1,08,802 children in 1,859 schools.

Baran: We have a decentralised centre at Baran, established in April 2005, which presently reaches out to 8,894 children in 161 schools.

Nathdwara: In Nathdwara, we have an ISO-certified centralised kitchen that currently feeds 35,141 children in 899 schools. It began operations in June 2006.

Jodhpur: We started operations in Jodhpur in August 2013. Our kitchen there currently reaches out to 8,992 children in 209 schools. 

Ajmer: Our centralised kitchen at Ajmer was started in August 2013 currently feeds 12,735 children in 189 schools.

Bhilwara: We started operations in Bhilwara in April 2018. The centralised kitchen currently feeds 10,938 children in 85 schools.

Jhalawar: We launched and began operations in Jhalawar in May 2018.  The centralised kitchen currently feeds 11,065 children in 155 schools.

Bikaner: The kitchen in Bikaner was started in January 2019. The centralised kitchen currently feeds 21,837 children in 178 schools.

Udaipur: The kitchen in Udaipur started its operations in October 2019. The centralised kitchen currently feeds 17,074 children in 238 schools.

Chittorgarh: We started operations in Chittorgarh in August 2019. The centralised kitchen currently feeds 11,822 children in 152 schools.

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