Feed Child Free Child

Created By : Mr Kevil

Feed Child Free Child

Campaign Goal 1,00,000


Raised Funds ₹200.00

Raised funds can feed 0 children/year

Start Date:Nov 15, 2016

End Date: Feb 15, 2017

Time limit for the campaign has passed.

Note: Rs. 1500 can feed a child for a year


Campaign Overview

Dear All,

Our Motivation is to feed every child and free from their poverty. Each Day children at very young age ask for money and want to get them selves feed with little food. our main motive is for having free food for our children. We are based in mumbai and we are starting this beautiful work with me and my wife supporting this cause. we will sure eradicate food problem not immedaitely but slowly.We are operating in the remote villages of india and other states. Tribal People who cannot afford food and basic needs.Help Them

Support my campaign to  support akshaya patra  providing  hunger free education to school children.

Campaign Donors

  • Mr. Kishan Mistry

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