Our Reach

State / Location Number of Children Number of Schools Type of Kitchen
Rajasthan 1,70,723 2,672  
Jaipur (ISO 22000:2005) 1,02,352 1,624 Centralised Kitchen
Jodhpur 13,109 140 Centralised Kitchen
Nathdwara (ISO 22000:2005) 28,009 561 Centralised Kitchen
Ajmer 16,233 192 Centralised Kitchens
Baran 11,020 155 Decentralised Kitchens


Akshaya Patra’s Mid-Day Meal Programme in Rajasthan functions through its kitchens at Jaipur (established in February 2004), Baran (set up in April 2005), Nathdwara (established in June 2006), Jodhpur (established in August 2013) and Ajmer (operational since September 2016). The Foundation feeds 170,723 children across 2,672 schools through these kitchens. The Jaipur, Nathdwara, Jodhpur and Ajmer kitchens are highly mechanised, efficient, centralised kitchens, whereas the Baran centre follows the decentralised format, catering to the students in the remote areas of the region.

The mid-day meal menu in Rajasthan’s kitchens includes rice, roti (Indian flatbread), dal (lentils curry), pulao (rice-based dish cooked in a seasoned broth) and vegetable dishes.

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